The Warning Movie

The great act of Mercy is coming. . .

the warning

Have you decided which side you are on?


When I read the Amazon #1 best-selling book,
The Warning
Testimonies and Prophecies of

the Illumination of Conscience,

I realized that I was called to help spread the message of The Warning, and that it needed to reach the world quickly. We are filmmakers intimately and acutely aware of how movies can influence the soul. We believe and pray that The Warning Movie will be an instrument to help countless souls make a definitive choice for God —before it is too late.

Help Make It Happen!


“The vision of a work of cinematography can open different doors in the human soul. . . Indeed, the medium of film can touch the most intimate recesses of the heart. It can create space for imagination, conversion, courage, and much-needed consolation from the infinite love of God, Who extends His hand to souls through the screen.

Pope Francis

Why is this movie so important?


None of us will escape undergoing a particular judgment at the end of our life’s journey, when our eternal destiny is determined: heaven, hell, or the temporary state of purgatory, which leads to paradise. The Warning will give us this awareness while we are still in the flesh, and a second chance at life and faith. But those who are steeped in sin may not survive the ilumination of their conscience, unless they are prepared.

The message is urgent, there is little time, and we are seeking your support. We feel that God has asked us to create and distribuite this film, and we cannot do this work without your generous help. All donations will go directly to the film’s production and distribution.

What Experts say

. . . It is the culmination of Divine Mercy: the ¨Day of Mercy¨... The Warning may befall the world sooner than expect . . . It is invaluable and timely manual to understand what is coming and how to prepare.

. . . I have received a lot of new material, which has been as rewarding as it is motivating. That so few people - and even Catholics - are unaware of this imminent and enormous event is a tragedy.

We Need To Raise $100k Within.


Total project cost  USD $500K 

Stage 1: Development

Sucess 86%

At this stage, we create the film’s adaptation from the book, The Warning  as well as research important film characters and hire actors.

Stage 2: Production

Sucess 3%

At this stage, we film the testimonies of  characters of great importance and scenes that delve into the historical and current prophecies.

Stage 3: Premiere

Sucess 0%

At this stage, for which we also need to fundraise, we promote and distribute the film so that it can be seen by as many people as possible in the world.

About the producers

Mr. Juan C. Salas and Mrs. Martha L. López

Founders of Belladream Films

We are Catholic filmmakers who founded Belladream Films in order to bring the Good News to the world through cinema.

I read the book, The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience by Christine Watkins, at a time when I was initiating several film projects, and the Lord stopped me in my tracks. I knew that I was called to let my plans drop to the floor and pick up the task of turning The Warning into a movie.

Our cinematography has earned us multiple international awards, and our work has premiered in many festivals around the world, such as Cannes, Premios Latino, and New Renaissance.